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GE HD Excite 1.5T EchoSpeed Short Bore
HP Computer System

Hardware Highlights:

  • CX/K4 magnet (LCC)
  • HFA gradient/pdu (33 Mt / 120 slew)
  • SRF RF cabinet (solid state)
  • Excite 3 Systems cabinet
  • 12.x Software, 8 Channel System

    Software Options:
    FSE II, G-TOF, SSFSE, Fast Grass, Special, 3 plane localizer, E 3D TOF, FSE XL, SGD Perf, Cine, PC VI, EP LI, Flair EPI, iDrive, DW EPI, Dynamic R1, T2 Breath hold, T1 Breath hold, SSFSE MRCP, SSFSE XL, Smart Prep 2000, MNS, Blood Suppression, Fast Cine, Tagging, ACGD Plus, EchoSpeed, RT CA, iDrive Pro, HiSpeed, Assset, Probe 3D, FT MRA, Fiesta 2D, Fiesta 3D, Profusion, His/Ris, PPS, 8 channel system

  • GE Profile III Open MRI
    0.2T Open MRI with Sun

    Hardware Highlights:

  • Sumitomo 0.2T permanent magnet. (sn 691779YM3)
  • Profile III integrated scanning & computer console
  • Dual processors running at 168 MHz., 256Mb of memory
  • 8290 Gradient system
  • SBam AP board
  • ICM Lite
  • Phased Array present
  • Kodak Dryview 8100 (see note 8 in exceptions)


  • T/L spine array (sn 579351YM8) (see note 1 in exceptions)
  • Body Fex II M (sn 490629YM3)
  • Body Flex II L (sn 507932YM2)
  • Body Flex II XL (sn 738560YM2)
  • Head coil (sn 393269YM6)
  • Shoulder base plate (sn 7)
  • Large Shoulder coil (sn 27)
  • Large Shoulder coil (sn ?) (see note 2 in exception)
  • Medium Shoulder coil (sn 9)
  • 9 GP coil with positioner (sn 447444YM1)
  • 11 GP coil (sn 487311YM3)
  • Wrist coil (sn 449881YM2)
  • Extremity coil (sn 500452YM8)

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